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NEW Soul Secrets

What You Planned And Why

By OptiMystic Xzavia

The author is not promising all the answers, rather creating a place for the reader to absorb ideas about why we come here, what our lessons are, twin flames, soul mates and more. Through stories about the authors own and other peoples experiences, the reader will connect to their own soul secrets for a better understanding of why they are here.

Have you ever felt like something is very familiar but you don’t know why?
Is there a feeling of being here before in certain places or situations?
Are you keen to explore why some lessons in this life feel like they are being repeated?

Curious as to why you truly feel like you have known someone for a lifetime event though you have just met?

This is the book for you, to discover, consider and delve into what it may be like to explore your past lives and how they are playing out in this life… AND how you may have found a soul mate or twin flame in this life time!


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Co-Authored Works

Intuitive: Seeing Her Truth




Co-Authored by Brigid Holder, Myra Fordham, OptiMystic Xzavia, Dhyāna Kluth, Kadeja James, Josanna Broersen, Anna Peters, Katrin Howes, Adaire Palmer & Vicki Reiner

When you were young, did you ever feel things or know things you could not explain?

Once held in highest regard and cultivated, we now find women’s intuition is extinguished in our modern world. We are taught to mistrust our instincts and disconnect from our inner-knowing to serve a societal agenda.

The truth is – our intuition is not lost. We may silence it, but it’s always existed to aid survival and connection. Intuition is a natural gift we need to thrive as humans.

Inside this book, we will show you how we’ve reconnected to our truths through our individual stories, with the same natural intuition that lives inside you.

We invite you on a life-changing journey where we hope to show you how you can amplify those inner whispers and connect to who you are meant to be and truly see your truth!

Journal to Wellness:
Guided Journaling Discovery Series​

A storytelling guided journal for enlightenment & growing happiness & health in body, mind, heart & soul




Co-Authored by Our Wellness Community, Adriana De Angelis, Christine Joy Gladwell, Estelle Amelia, Farrah Graham, Jodie Myintoo, Karen Mudie, Michele Scott, Stephanie Kenna, OptiMystic Xzavia

Discover the transformative power of journaling with 9 inspirational leaders.

Would you like to go on a journey of self-discovery, unlike any other?

Journal to Wellness is the origin story for all our gifted healers in this book. It gives you profound insight into how their passion for what they do now was ignited, and how their experiences led to the transformative power of their journaling method, coaching tools, and therapeutic techniques.

Journal to Wellness shines the light on nine wellness makers; their deeply personal stories of trauma and tragedy and the pathways they forged for themselves out of the darkness to lay claim to their brilliance and their light. You’ll be taken on a journey of self-empowerment to unveil the steps you need to take towards owning the spot you were born to occupy from the moment you were born.

In this storytelling journal, our wellness makers introduce you to:

  • Gratitude, intuition and abundance tools to spark your inner magic
  • Self-love and emotion management strategies to return you to joyful
  • Growth mindset and positive mind techniques for freedom and fulfilment
  • Natural health therapies for body sense, satisfaction, and ease
  • You’ll be introduced to an array of coaching on positive psychology, intuitive coaching, health & healing, intuitive energy & sound, emotion & body code, and counselling.

Our vision for you is that you develop a better relationship with yourself through this journaling Journey to Wellness. In so doing, you also become determined to save yourself in the way that we have done, instead of waiting around to be rescued by others.