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OptiMystic Methods

For Advanced Practitioners

Perhaps you already have a healing business or have learnt spiritual modalities in the past. 

If you are feeling the call to expand and grow from a heart centered space, Xzavia can tailor a course to your needs.

Learn OptiMystic Methods
Learn Psychic Reading

Develop Your Skills

Rather than completing a comprehensive mentorship, advanced practitioners can compliment their current skillset by specialising in specific methods taken directly from The OptiMystic Mentorship.

Possible Methods to Learn

How does it work?

To show your interest in OptiMystic Methods, please fill out the simple form online. Xzavia will then be in touch with you to schedule a one-on-one chat with her. 

After an initial chat in person or over the phone, Xzavia will discover what you know, what you may need to ‘unlearn’ and discuss exactly what you will benefit from learning with her.

Together you will come up with a plan of action and decide how much time is needed to fine tune your abilities. 

Ready to develop your skills?

To express your interest learning OptiMystic Methods, simply fill out this form and Xzavia will promptly get in touch with you.

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