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Psychic Development Online Course

Yes! You CAN develop your psychic abilities. Even if you aren’t sure you have any!

Time and time again I meet people that have been told by a psychic during a reading that they themselves also have psychic potential. Sound familiar? I was exactly the same and didn’t start actively learning to develop my abilities (that I didn’t know I had) until I turned 30!

Oracle Card Readings for Groups

Does any of the below sound like you?

Then YOU my fellow shiny soul, have most likely been a psychic, healer, herbalist, witch or similar in another life and can learn to tap into this now!

Just imagine, if you care to indulge your higher self for a moment, what your life would be like if you were in flow.

What does it mean to be in flow?


What a nice change that would be!

So what will your life look like on the other side of this course?

These are just a few of the beautiful changes you’ll experience in regular life.

Check out the course breakdown below to see exactly what you’ll learn during this 6-week course with me.

It’s then up to you to decide if you’d like to create your own business as a psychic healer or use the learnings as wonderful personal growth.

What can I expect?

As soon as you sign up you’ll receive a welcome email and your first lesson. There will be a video lesson from me that runs for between 13 and 28mins long with a PDF version of the class in writing. This way you can listen, pause, go back or read along. However you learn best.

Each week on the same day you’ll receive the next class. They are spaced a week apart for a good reason. You need time to practice what you have learnt before we move onto the next stage. You’ll get out of these classes what you put in.

When you’ve completed week-6 you’ll be invited to email me so we can book in your 1 hour zoom. During this zoom you can ask questions, gain clarity where needed, share what you thought of the course and gain your certificate of completion which I can email to you or print and post.

The investment is just $333

Course Breakdown

Class 01

Shiny & New

  • Guided meditation to learn how to connect your channel and open your 3rd eye
  • Activate the chakras in your hands
  • Discussion on protection
  • Learn how to cleanse your energy field

Class 02

Put your Connection to Work

  • Guided meditation to visit your Guardian Angel or Spirit guide
  • Psychic conversation
  • How to do a reading without cards
  • Automatic writing

Class 03

Chakras with a Difference, Part 1

  • Chakras part 1
  • How to balance the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras
  • In person vs long distance/online healing

Class 04

Chakras with a Difference, Part 2

  • Chakras part 2
  • How to balance the heart, throat, 3rd eye and crown chakras

Class 05

Mini Treatments & Manifesting

  • Rejuvenation treatment
  • Heart mind balance
  • Energy and intention
  • Manifesting

Class 06

Past Lives and your Spiritual Biz

  • Past life healing and release for yourself and others
  • Spiritual tool discussion (oracle cards, runes etc)
  • Starting your business

All this for just $333!

Why learn with OptiMystic Xzavia?

I’ve been teaching and mentoring for years now and love every minute of it. In every job I’ve ever had I’ve always enjoyed sharing my learnings with others. I gain so much joy from building people up and watching them succeed. 

My classes have always been in person or over zoom and now I’ve been guided to make it accessible to people that prefer to learn at their own pace, in their own time. This makes it a more cost-effective option than in-person, 1 hr classes with me. 

My goal is to open the hearts and minds of as many people as possible, so they can live abundant and happy lives. Hence, the online version was born!

What a few past graduates had to say about this course:

Sign up NOW!

It’s time to say YES to you!
To your self discovery.
To uncovering your gifts.
To your spiritual journey.

Trust your intuition – let’s do this!

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