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1 on 1 & Families


Intuitive Healing

This is a great choice when you aren’t sure what you need. Xzavia very much trusts her intuition and uses that to connect with your higher self during a session. Your higher self then lets Xzavia know exactly what you need most during your session.

A combination of modalities may be used to help balance, guide, support & invigorate you. An Intuitive healing may include modalities such as: Chakra balance, Mediumship, ThetaHealing, Crystal healing, Oracle card reading, Channeling, or Past life release.

“…I would encourage everyone to see Xzavia, she has sharpened intuition, very sensitive to the spirit realm and will see into your soul. Her gift is a blessing to all who seek peace, love, spiritual growth and an insight into themselves, past, present and future…”

- D. Camacho

Oracle Card Reading

Xzavia uses her cards as a spiritual tool to connect with your higher self and guides.

These help give you a visual indication along with channeled messages as to the next best steps to take. 

They also help you understand the energy around people and situations in your life so you can make informed decisions.

“The centre is set up nicely and I felt very relaxed, Xzavia is such a beautiful soul and gave me a great tarot reading which brang me so much clarity and guidance. Thank you so much.”

- V. Cirocco


Xzavia connects with the creator whilst holding your hands and holding space for you.

 ThetaHealing can…

  • Clear negative beliefs and replace them with new feelings.
  • Assist in with DNA activations & healing that is meant to be healed.
  • Balance your chakras.
  • Connect with your guardian angel.
  • Disconnect you from soul contracts you no longer need to help you move on and much more. 

Deep Tissue Massage

Xzavia has certificate IV in massage therapy and has been massaging her happy clients since 2013. 

“Saw Xzavia last night, was very comfortable and happy with my session. Will definitely be seeing her again. Very welcoming and beautiful place the I Am Centre is.”

- K. Penrose

Intuitive Bodywork

This is a special type of deep massage that includes healing, balancing and clearing of energy and blockages. Intuitive messages may also be included. 

“Xzavia is intuitive and kind with all the work she does with you. You will be truly amazed, feel love and guidance, and find your body and mind more at ease and in a state of healing. Highly recommend!”

- H .Hargreaves

Twin Flame/Soul Mate/Self Love

This is a special session with Xzavia and her Twin Flame Daniel. 

Twin flames are two parts of the same soul, when united in the physical again, together their healing energy is very powerful.

Xzavia & Daniel know that they are finally united in this life to help as many people as possible realize their worth, love themselves unconditionally & heal life times of hurt. This is the first step in bringing in the perfect partner for you.